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Condoms are highly effective in preventing HIV infection.

About Us

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Who We Are

Formerly known as the Rhode Island Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coalition, The Rhode Island Alliance is a statewide organization dedicated to reducing teen pregnancy and empowering pregnant and parenting teens.  To that end, the Alliance works in collaboration with individuals and agencies throughout Rhode Island to provide resources and advocacy for youth and young families.

What We Believe

The Rhode Island Alliance views teen pregnancy and childbearing as a complex issue. It requires a comprehensive approach. Many teen pregnancies have their primary roots in poverty. Any comprehensive solution to the problem is ultimately tied to issues of social justice and the ability for people to earn a living wage. It is also related to our cultural discomfort with helping adolescents understand their emerging sexuality.

We believe that adolescents are valuable members of our community. Sexuality is a normal part of development. Teens deserve accurate, complete information, access to confidential healthcare and a voice in how pregnancy prevention resources are allocated.