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When used consistently and correctly, oral contraceptives (“The Pill”) are 98% effective.


Talking to Your Kids About Sex

Father and daughter

Raising a child is one of the greatest jobs you will ever have – and one of the hardest. We are challenged everyday with a wide range of issues that are often hard for children to understand and for adults to explain. 


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Why talk with my teen about sex, love and relationships?

Parents should be the main sex educators of their children. Even when you think they aren't listening, talking about sex, love and relationships with your children can:

  • Help to clearly define your family's values
  • Help build communication skills and create a bond between parent and child
  • Help them feel at ease about who they are and their sexuality
  • Help them cope with their feelings and deal with peer pressure
  • Help them take charge of their lives and have loving relationships
  • Help protect them from sexual abuse.

What should I say?

Toddlers need to know
Children should be able to
Pre-teens need to know
Teens need to know
Ten Tips for Starting the Talk
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